Why Nix Bed & Barkfest Is PAWSOME!

Why Nix Bed & Barkfest Is PAWSOME!

 Nix Bed & Barkfest is a legally registered business with public liability insurance.

Nix Bed & Barkfest – is truly a home away from home and with the added the added advantage of your dog being in the very capable and knowledgeable hands of Nicole Groch.

It is amazing to watch how dogs immediately gravitate to Nicole, greeting her like a long lost friend. Even dog's who have separation anxiety and usually fret for their human family member,  quickly relax happily into Nicole's home environment under her care.

Nicole has had years of hands on experience with dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. 

  • Nicole is a dedicated animal activist
  • The PR director of the non-profit organization Choose Cruelty Free.
  • A foster carer for the RSPCA, looking after nursing mother cats, rabbits and guinea pigs and their newborn litters.
  • Nicole has also rescued countless animals over the years
  • She has some basic experience with dog training and behavioural issues.

As the creator and editor of, Nicole has published many articles on dog care & well-being, including information on how to keep your dogs and young children interacting safely together by teaching children how to read dog body language.

Your dog with absolutely love staying over with Nicole and her family.

  • Your dog will have access to a large, secure & safe backyard to run around in.
  • An inviting heated and air-conditioned house to sleep in and just spend time hanging out and playing with Nic and her two, gentle and dog savvy children, Jaya 9 and Maxi 6. 
  • Another bonus is that Nicole does much of her work from home, so your dog with have plenty of company.
  • Your dog will enjoy daily walks, grooming and games! Some of Nicole's past guests, had such a good time, that they haven't actually wanted to go home!

Other pets in the house are 4 adorable, rescued, female guinea pigs.

Nicole can legally mind up to 2 dogs at one time on the provision that the dogs have first had a meet & greet at Nicole’s house and she has observed that the dogs are compatible and can live harmoniously together under her care.

Meet & Greets ARE A MUST!  No matter how social your dog is at the park, it can be a different matter in a home environment. A meet and greet involves first walking the dogs together outside of my home on lead and then if that goes well,  a drop lead intro in my large backyard, followed by off lead intro inside my home.




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Services & Pricing